Würdy – The Free Association Word Game

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Participatory design is a superior means of augmenting tools and programs by utilizing the power of communal involvement in the development of tools and programs. Projects like Mozilla Firefox and Wikipedia are some examples of how open participation can advance technology and provide users with the power to affect change for the greater good. By tapping collective resources in capacities …

Unique Batik

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  Assignment from MICA. In a hypothetical assignment, we were instructed to develop a narrative about the combination of two cultures to make a wall-covering company. I developed a website and patterns for a solar and battery powered, semi-permanent lighting fixture that could provide much needed, low cost indoor lighting to Indians in poverty.

Soldier’s Delight

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A video I created for Radar Redux, celebrating Baltimore County’s Soldiers Delight Nature Preserve and warning of impending consequences of not protecting the environment.


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Flier advertising the 2004 AIDS Walk in Washington, DC. 2004.